Spring Kickboxing Special - September Only - 6 Weeks for $129

1 Kerta Rd, Kincumber NSW 2251
6 Weeks of Kickboxing for $129

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You will get the benefits of:

We have a variety of Adults Cardio Kickboxing Classes available

Fast Paced and Fitness Focused Kickboxing

Our classes are very different from the ones you might see in a gym.

Our kickboxing classes are taught by real martial arts professionals & that is one of the reasons they are so popular.

They are really effective at doing two things, helping to burn massive amounts of fat through our cardiovascular training and helping you to totally tone lean muscle through our resistance training. Now we do all this to the tune of burning about 850 calories per hour so you can get into the best shape possible, as fast as possible. At the same time, unlike the gym, we think it is important that you learn to punch, kick and defend properly. This means that while you are getting into the best shape ever, you are learning REAL martial arts, and you CAN learn to defend yourself.

If your looking for that workout that will help you lose that stubborn 5 – 10 kg, you want to the build confidence to know that you can protect yourself in any situation, if your looking for something that is going to get you off the treadmill, register for your free introductory programme now.


Depending on the program we can tailor the schedule to your needs. As a guide, you’d need to do a minimum of two classes per week in order to get the benefits from the program.

This can depend on the class you decide to come to, but the numbers can vary between half a dozen to a dozen or more! We ensure there is the right number of people in class to ensure appropriate distancing.

In your group class, you’ll be training with beginners, like yourself.

We have plenty of students that are shift workers and we have many options for classes. Our classes run 6 days a week, from morning to afternoon and evening, and sometimes multiple times a day. Our system allows you to manage your own classes. You just need to ensure you attend two classes per week.

You’re never too old. We can tailor the training to your level of ability. Some of our more recent students that earned their Black Belts were in their 70s!

This is how you get fit! Our classes are suitable for all fitness levels, and our fully qualified teachers will support you on your journey to improve your fitness.

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