Black Belt Martial Arts is so much more than kicking and punching

Black Belt Martial Arts was founded over 33 years ago by Kyoshi Liz Mahler. All Teachers with BBMA have the BBMA Certified Teacher Training qualification and NCAS Coaching Accreditation. We are specialists in self defence education, children’s martial arts training, traditional Japanese art of Shotokan Karate, traditional Okinawan weaponry and we are the home of multiple sports karate champions.

Studying martial arts at BBMA is a LIFE TRANSFORMING journey, we challenge you to become the best you can be. You will learn sound physical self defence techniques, become fit and strong physically, mentally and emotionally, develop unwavering self discipline, powerful self control, courage, focus and much more. Our Martial Arts programs are suitable for men, women and children of all ages and all levels of ability – from Beginner to Black Belt


Black Belt Martial Arts is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children in our organisation by:
– providing a safe and inclusive environment in which to train,
– informing our families and members about their rights in regards to Child Safety
– educating our staff about their responsibilities to protect, report incidences, and look after children in all ways at our schools.

Black Belt Martial Arts is part of the Australian Karate Federation. You can access the child safeguarding policy by going to their website at


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Kyoshi Liz has 40 years experience in martial arts, is a former national team member and coach and current NSW state coach. She works closely with all BBMA school owners and their staff to make sure that all BBMA schools use the best teaching practices to bring the best martial arts training to BBMA students. All BBMA teachers walk the talk when it comes to their martial arts, training a minimum of twice per week in specialised Teacher Training classes with Kyoshi Liz  & Shihan Lliam as well as their regular training and competition training. Many of the teachers are former and current NSW and Australian Karate Team members so they bring this depth of experience to every student they teach. All BBMA Teachers attend the Master Teacher Seminars organised by Kyoshi Liz every year to bring the best Martial Arts expertise to Australia and to our students.

Shihan Lliam Worthington has been teaching martial arts professionally for over 20 years. He is a former state and national karate champion that has won numerous titles as well as representing Australia and placing 2nd at the Oceanic Championships. He was awarded international martial arts teacher of the year in 2013 and has coached and produced many state, national and international champions. Shihan Lliam continues to work alongside Kyoshi Liz as a teacher, senior technical advisor, senior Black Belt Preparation Cycle and Examination board member and in helming BBMA’s elite competition Kumite team.


Feel at home at all BBMA Locations

A BBMA student could walk into any BBMA school and feel at home with the same curriculum, the same visual layout, the same uniforms, the same level of professional teaching standards and the same people focused management systems that make being a student of BBMA a very positive experience.

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