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Mingara Recreational Centre
Mingara Dve, Tumbi Umbi NSW 2261

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Depending on the program we can tailor the schedule to your needs. As a guide, you’d need to do a minimum of two classes per week in order to get the benefits from the program.

This can depend on the class you decide to come to, but the numbers can vary between half a dozen to a dozen or more! We ensure there is the right number of people in class to ensure appropriate distancing.

In your group class, you’ll be training with beginners, like yourself.

You’re never too old. We can tailor the training to your level of ability. Some of our more recent students that earned their Black Belts were in their 70s!

This is how you get fit! Our classes are suitable for all fitness levels, and our fully qualified teachers will support you on your journey to improve your fitness.

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