Our Kobudo program welcomes all students from beginners to Black Belt

Kobudo is the ancient art of Okinawan weaponry. At BBMA we teach the art that has been handed down from the Matayoshi family since the early 1900’s.  Training in kobudo will improve all over body strength, balance, coordination, dexterity and cardio vascular fitness. While the variety of weapons taught and the drills of weapon against weapon make the art appealing to all ages, kobudo is a low impact activity which makes it ideal for anyone who has always wanted to study a martial art but thought they couldn’t because of age or chronic injury. 

Traditional kobudo is foremost an art, rich in interesting history and culture. The practical and philosophical aim is to unite the body and mind as one. Training the physical movements to the correct standard of execution requires effort and concentration and in this way becomes moving meditation which stills the mind and balances the emotions. 

The traditional Okinawan weapons we teach are bo, sai, tunkwa (tonfa), nunchaku, eku,  kama, kua and tinbe.

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